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Orange Excavator
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Are you planning to construct a new home? The building of every new home starts with excavation. You need to excavate the land before you can start laying your foundation or installing the electrical and plumbing systems. There are some...

Residential Excavation
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Excavation, Demolition, and Pole Barns, Oh My!   Now that our COVID 19 fears are finally beginning to ebb, it's time to get back to work! Nichols Contracting will be resuming our regular schedules soon, and we'd love to...

Septic Installlation services provided by Central KY Contracting, installing a concrete septic tank.
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Septic Installation Services Septic tanks are considered necessary parts of any home that's not connected to a public sewage system. Because about one-third of all homes currently have a septic tank, they are considered a common way to handle wastewater...

Excavation companies can do many things such as land grading and pond excavation.
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Grading Land, Rock Excavation, and Pond Excavation Ready to Get Your Land in Shape? Excavation Services Can Help For home construction, whether it's a small addition to a home or an entire site that needs prepping for a new home,...

pole barn
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Pole Barns for Horse Barns Why Should You Choose a Bole Barn for Horses? Though central Kentucky is known for its horses, not every home has a stable already available. If your stable is in poor shape due to...

Central KY Contracting offers excavation services for all your needs!
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Excavation vs. Trenching Excavation and trenching are two things most people don't think about until they need to. Both are large jobs that are best left up to the professionals. Central KY Contracting, owned and operated by Brandon Nichols,...

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