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Pole Barns

“Pole barns” can be misleading. At Central KY Contracting, we can build barns, homes, horse arenas, storage units, picnic shelters, animal shelters—whatever you need!


Quality Construction

Our Amish crews have a reputation in central Kentucky for high-quality work. They’re proud of their craftsmanship and don’t take shortcuts, so the pole barns build by Central KY Contracting are sturdy and stable.


The Central KY Contracting Difference

Central KY Contracting doesn’t just build pole barns; we’re the only pole barn builders in the area doing our own excavating. We have the equipment to prepare a site for building—from demolition and woods mowing to excavating and sloping—so we can keep a project moving, and possibly speed up the total time it takes to complete a project.


Make It Your Own

Our team brings plenty of experience to pole barn projects; we frame and build the structure, and even put up the drywall on the inside walls. From there, you can take the building and finish it with your own style, for a home (or barn, stable, shelter, etc.) that reflects your personality.


Fair Pricing

We know you’re working hard to provide for your family. That’s what we’re doing too. We charge enough to cover our costs (including time and labor)—never overcharging. When you hire us for your pole barn construction, you can be sure you’re getting a fair and reasonable price on a top-quality project.

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